A new approach to computing.


Founded in collaboration with experts from multiple domains, bringing you the best of industry practices to help you compute better. We bring this technology to you in an integrated system that converts it into an all-in-one computer. It is built on raspberry pi, a low cost, credit-card sized computer that fits in the palm of your hand, yet packs enough power to give you a complete desktop experience.

Why Cerri?

Because it will change the way you compute

It's affordable

Cerri does the same everyday jobs of a regular computer for less pinch on the pocket.

24/5 Support

Our relationship with you does not end after the product is sold. We are always available and a call away.

It's User Friendly

With a very simple and easy to understand interface, you would feel right at home migrating from a regular computer.

Scientifically designed

Cerri has been designed by experts with several years of system design and integration, which helps you focus at the task in hand while still having the flavor of oomph!

It's fanless

Remember the background noise while you were trying to enjoy the subtle nuances of your favorite music?  Luckily those times are finally gone.

It's power efficient

Cerri runs with just a fraction of the power required to run a PC. Yes, it consumes even less power than a laptop. No more pocket burning power bills.


Easy and Simple to Use

You would right at home migrating from another computer within 5 minutes of use.


As the software used is open source, there are rare to nil software compromises.

Backed by Raspberry Pi

Known for it's IOT capabilities, It's stable, reliable and has proven itself to be versatile.

Open Source software


No extra licensing costs.

We made Cerri for YOU !!

An affordable companion to enhance your computing

I want one!


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